A newlywed couple visits what's deemed as the "World’s Most Haunted Grounds" while on a honeymoon vacation in Jamaica. Somehow, they come back never quite the same...





A story of love, lust, and murder.


Legend has it, if you take a photo of a mirror inside the sitting room, you might catch a glimpse of the White Witch of Jamaica, Annie Palmer.



At the end of their cruise, the couple returns to their home in Houston, TX. Upon their return, the young groom is plagued by nightmarish dreams of death and destruction. His spine and right arm become inflicted with terrible pain.

What's happened to him? You decide...












Screenplay available for optioning and production.
Production companies, agents, investors and directors wanted.
If you dare...




Actual photo taken.

Based on a terrifying true story.


Download the full spec script here (extended cut)

Written for the screen by Michael Frederik Sorensen

Serious inquiries should contact kaptainmyke@gmail.com for a synopsis and spec script.


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